Douglas R. Pitman (Robotics and Communications Systems Engineering Technology) Scholarship

For Academic year 2020-2021. The Douglas R Pitman Scholarship is awarded to full-time students who are determined to enter and succeed in the Robotics and Communications Systems Engineering Technology (RCET). Preference to students with financial need. Must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. Student may be required to complete other questionnaires that may be required by committee. Priority of awarding is as follows: 1. Work ethic and commitment to working and succeeding in the industry (i.e. a demonstration of strong work ethic in the classroom). 2. A demonstration of academic excellence as gained from an assessment of grades earned toward students degree or certificate. 3. financial need.

Douglas R. Pitman
College of Technology - Pitman (Robotics)
Supplemental Questions
  1. How many semesters will you have COMPLETED in the Robotics and Communication Systems Engineering Technology program at the conclusion of the current semester?
  2. Financial Need: Please describe your "need" for this scholarship & how you could benefit from receiving this scholarship:
    • 1. Are you employed:
    • 2. How many hours (per week) will you be working while in the program:
    • 3. Where are you currently working: Put NA if not currently working
    • 4. Do you have previous experience working in your program field:
  4. Statement: Describe your experience with Robotics or Electronics prior to entering the Robotics Program:
  5. Statement: Describe any club involvement or other activities that you participate in outside of the Robotics program:
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