Thomas G. Ioerger STEM ISU Scholarship for Women

For Academic Year 2019-2020 -The Thomas G. Ioerger STEM IS U Scholarship for Women is a prestigious scholarship award totaling $50,000 over a 4-year period. Student must be full-time and majoring in the College of Science and Engineering (COSE). Must be an Idaho Resident, female student. Financial need may be considered. The scholarship may be renewable as long as student remains in good academic standing in a COSE major, and funds are available. Amount will grow incrementally each year. First year award is $11,000. Total of four-year scholarship is $50,000.
Applicant must attach an essay (2 page maximum) describing what led them to choose their major and how a degree in STEM will help them achieve their future goals.

Thomas G. Ioerger
College of Science and Engineering (COSE)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you attest that you will be a new incoming "freshman" student majoring in the College of Science and Engineering (COSE) and will be full-time for the upcoming Fall Semester:
  2. Are you a first generation college student?
  3. Essay: Attach an essay (maximum of 2 pages) describing what led you to choose your major AND how a degree in STEM will help you achieve your future goals. Please be aware that strong emphasis is placed on this section of the application by the selection committee. Be as complete as possible.
  4. This prestigous scholarships is intended to stay with a COSE major from the start of their freshman year for a total of 4 years (undergraduate). Finalists for this scholarship will be invited for a follow up interview with this committee. Do you understand and agree to attend this interview if chosen as a finalist: