North America Immigration Law Group Scholarship

We are offering a $2000 semi-annual scholarship to a deserving candidate who can demonstrate his/her outstanding
skills within the field of law. Interested students will have the opportunity to earn this scholarship by writing an essay of 800-1000 words
Eligibility Criteria:
● Must be a student enrolled in an accredited national university, law
school, or liberal arts college within the U.S.
● Must be a liberal arts college student or a law school student
● Minimum G.P.A. requirement is 3.0
● Should be a full time student in the fall of 2019
Required: 800-1000 word essay, transcripts, proof of enrollment.
Essay topics (choose one):
1. What are your views on the changes made in immigration laws? Do you think immigrants create or take away jobs in our country?
2. Are you interested in studying immigration law? Why/Why not?
3. Do you agree with the idea of revoking the Green Card Lottery program or limiting the quota for family-based immigration in order to increase the number of visas given for
employment-based immigration? Please specify your reasons.

Deadline: November 30, 2019

Application and more information available at: