Jeff Geslin Geosciences Research Fund

For Academic Year 2020-2021 The Jeff Geslin Geosciences Research Fund is used to provide substantial funding for student projects enrolled in Geosciences graduate programs and working on Earth sceinces research. In particular, the Jeff Geslin Geosciences Research fund is used to make otherwise unfunded or minimally funded Geosciences and Geology projects possible. For more details please contact the Department of Geosciences. Not paid as scholarship through Scholarship Office. Needs to be loaded as a resource.

General, Geology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Geslin Research Proposal Guidelines (must include the following in PDF format):

    Project Title

    Proposal Author

    A section stating the problem(s) to be addressed, the hypothesis or hypotheses to be tested, and the overall objectives of your proposed project. (1,000 character limit, including spaces).

    A section discussing the previous work on your problem(s) that (1) places the project in a disciplinary and, if appropriate, regional context and (2) documents the importance of your project. (2,500 character limit, including spaces).

    A section concisely stating your research plan and how it will test your hypothesis or hypotheses stated above. (2,500 character limit, including spaces).

    An itemized budget with the MAXIMUM of $2,500 to be requested from Geslin. List in order of priority and be sure to total up each column of budget item costs.

    Budget justification of each item listed in itemized budget. (1,000 character limit, including spaces).

    Amount and nature of other available funds, facilities, materials etc. (1,200 character limit, including spaces).

    Other grants that (a) have supported this project, (b) are currently supporting this project and (c) are being applied for as listed in our budget above. This list should include funds available to or applied for by the thesis supervisor, if these can support the proposed work.

    An abbreviated resume listing education, major positions held and significant accomplishments. Provide information relevant to your qualifications to undertake proposed research. List URL to 5 of your publications and presentations (2,500 character limit, including spaces).

    References cited in proposal. (2,500 character limit, including spaces).

    Figures and/or tables cited in your proposal narrative.