Heithoff Scholarship

For Fall 2022. The Heithoff Scholarship is for Sophomore, Junior or Senior Honors students that are enrolled full time at Idaho State University and have a cumulative GPA in the range of 2.9-3.9. Applicants must be working a part-time job and must be giving back to Idaho State University or the community through acts of kindness of volunteering, mentoring or assisting others. Students with scholarships or grants yielding an aggregate amount in excess of 75% of the costs of ISU’s tuition and room and board are not eligible for this opportunity.

General, University Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current & continuing student in the ISU University Honors Program:
  2. Are you currently or will you be working a part-time job (on or off campus) during the period of the award?
  3. Giving Back:
    • 1. Would you say that you are giving back to ISU or the surrounding communities through acts of kindness of volunteering, mentoring, or assisting others.
    • 2. If you said yes to the question above, please provide a brief explanation to explain: 100-500 words is sufficient.