Honors Owl-portunity Scholarship

For Spring 2022. The Owl-portunity Scholarship is open to full-time Honors students with a 3.20 GPA or higher. This scholarship is intended to help students with expenses related to their education. Applicants may request a specific scholarship amount to be used for a specific need and must provide a short bio that will be made available to donors to the University Honors Program. Donors will have the opportunity to select and sponsor individual Owl-portunity Scholarships online and during the Unversity Honors Program annual fundraiser, An Opportuni-Tea.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Statement: Please list how much money you are requesting and what you need it for. Examples of acceptable funding reasons are book costs, lab fees, specialized equipment for your major, MCAT/LSAT/GRE fees, etc. Your reason can be outside this list, but please be specific when making your request.
  2. Please provide a short bio. Include your major, class, a few words about yourself, and what you are requesting support of. Scholarship sponsors will be reading your bio during University Honors Program fundraising. Do your best to keep your bio to 108 characters or less. If your bio is longer it will be edited by Honors staff.

    Example Bio 1 - I'm Lily, a 2nd year Geology major. Many of the courses I take include field trips & high course fees. I need $250 for fees. Thanks! (107 characters without spaces)

    Example Bio 2 - I'm Daunte. I'm applying to medical school next year & need $400 to take the MCAT. I'm grateful for this assistance opportunity. (106 characters without spaces)

    Example Bio 3 - Dear Owl Sponsor, I'm in need of a new $1000 laptop. A big ask, but necessary for a Graphic Design major like me. With hope, Jamie (105 characters without spaces)