Nicholas and Sara Ifft

For Academic Year 2022-2023. The Nicholas & Sara Ifft Scholarship is part of Incoming Freshman Scholarship awarding. Recipients must be Incoming Freshmen students that graduated from Century High School, Pocatello High School, or Highland High School. Students must have a 2.60 to 3.60 High School GPA. Must demonstrate strong leadership skills, community and high school involvement, and interest in involvement at ISU. Alternates can be chosen from Leadership (through IFFT Committee) if feasible.

Supplemental Questions
  1. STATEMENT: Provide a personal statement describing your involvement experiences in high school, and/or your community. Please also describe your current involvement or interest in gaining involvement experience at Idaho State University and your plans for future success. The selection committee places strong emphasis on this section of the application. 250-750 words is sufficient.