Inspire for Higher Scholarship (Graduate) - Funded by Albion

(CUUI Use). For Academic Year 2022-2023, Inspire for Higher (Graduate) Scholarship
The College of Education is proud to present the Inspire for Higher Education Scholarship. Preparing students for meaningful careers that change others’ lives, is the College of Education’s mission. We understand that given the current economic climate, there are more challenges and barriers that surround one’s decision to attend college and graduate with a degree. Inspired by students who are persevering through personal and economic barriers to attend college, this (up to) $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to all eligible Graduate College of Education students in the 2022-23 AY to help lift some of the financial burden of reaching higher educational goals. Students must be graduate students during the award semester/year. Award will be made in the amount of $500 for the Fall Semester; with a chance to renew in the Spring; depending on funding and continued eligibility.

Up to 1000
College of Education