Honors Owlportunity Scholarship

For Spring 2024. The Owlportunity Scholarship is open to full-time active and current Honors students with a 3.20 GPA or higher. This scholarship is intended to help students with expenses related to their education. Applicants may request a specific scholarship amount to be used for a specific need and must provide a short personal statement that will be made available to donors to the University Honors Program (UHP). Donors will have the opportunity to select and sponsor individual Owlportunity Scholarships online and during the University Honors Program annual fundraiser, An Opportuni-Tea. Awarded funds will not be released to individuals until their Thank You card(s) have been submitted to UHP for distribution to their Owlportunity sponsor(s).

University Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list how much money you are requesting ($250 maximum) and what you need it for. Examples of acceptable funding reasons are book costs, lab fees, specialized equipment for your major, MCAT/LSAT/GRE fees, etc. Your reason can be outside this list, but please be specific when making your request.
  2. Provide a personal statement about you and your scholarship request. Include your major, class, a few words about yourself, and what you are requesting support of. Scholarship sponsors will be reading your statement during University Honors Program fundraising. Your personal statement may be edited by Honors staff.
  3. Owlportunity scholarships will be posted in an online fundraising webpage for the Opportuni-Tea. Do you give the University Honors Program consent to post your picture and personal statement on the fundraising Owlportunity webpage? Please note that this is optional.
  4. If you consented to have your picture used, please upload an image of yourself: