Bengal Alumni Legacy Scholarship for NEW incoming Freshman and Transfer Students

For Academic Year 2024-25 – The Bengal Alumni Legacy scholarship is for NEW incoming (first-time) Freshman and NEW incoming (first-time) Transfer Students who will be starting at ISU Fall 2023. Eligible students must be a child, step-child, grandchild (biological, adopted, or legal guardian) of an ISU Alumni Graduate (graduate is defined as a person having a degree or certificate from ISU). New incoming freshman must have an unweighted High School GPA of 3.0 or greater. New Incoming Transfer students must have a transfer GPA of 3.0 or greater. Name of alumni who graduated and year of graduation is required. The Alumni Association Members link is also provided so that parents, etc may become a part of the Alumni Association if able/interested. This is free of charge. Student will be reviewed for awarding and must be enrolled full-time for the upcoming Fall Semester.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you attest that you are a New (incoming -first time) freshman or transfer student starting at ISU for the upcoming Fall Semester:
  2. Alumni Questions (part 1):
    • 1. Are you a child (biological, adopted or legal guardianship), step-child or grandchild of an ISU graduate?
    • 2. Name of Parent, legal guardian or grandparent who is an ISU graduate:
    • 3. Parent, legal guardian or grandparent's ISU graduation date (Month/Year):
  3. Alumni Questions (part 2):
    • 1. Is the parent; grandparent listed above a "current" member of the ISU Alumni Association
    • 2. If parent, grandparent is not a "current" member of the ISU Alumni Association (and able to be), they can become a member. Please visit: