John Gregory Strings Scholarship

For Academic Year 2024-25. The John Gregory Strings Scholarship is part of the Combined Music Conditional application and is awarded to an Idaho State University Music Major or Minor (Studying Strings) enrolled full time (12 or more credits if an undergraduate, 9 or more credits as a graduate student) in the College of Arts and Letters. 1.Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be a Strings Performer. 2.Award Preference as follows:  Awarded to a qualifying String Performer in the following order.  1). Cello; 2). Viola 3). Violin 4).  This preference may be awarded outside of priority order if it is determined that the student scholarship needs in the department warrant the change. If a qualified candidate is not identified, then the award may be given to a deserving strings player who meets the eligibility requirements 3. Preference for financial need 4. preference for students who have school activities, community service, and work related experiences may also be considered.

The Professor of Strings possessing the highest and/or longest tenure in the Department of Music in the School of Performing Arts (Arts and Letters) will designate the recipient each year.           

College of Arts & Letters, Music