ICCU Scholarship for Perseverance

For Fall 2024. The Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) Scholarship for Perseverance is awarded to full-time continuing students with a minimum GPA of 3.2 who are official members of the Idaho State University Honors Program. Applicants must submit a one page statement describing an adversity or challenge they are currently struggling with or have recently overcome, and how they have persevered to accomplish their academic goals in spite of the adversity/challenge. Please note that all information provided by the applicant about their adversity will be handled confidentially, but recipients may be asked to work with Honors staff to create an appropriate statement for when the awards are announced. Nothing will be disclosed from the application materials without written permission and explicit agreement about allowed/disallowed content from the applicant.

University Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current and continuing Honors student in the ISU University Honors Program?
  2. Statement: Please attach a one page personal statement describing a specific adversity or challenge that you are currently struggling with or have recently overcome. Your statement should demonstrate your perseverance in overcoming the adversity/challenge in pursuit of your academic goals. Your statement should include a brief description of the adversity/challenge, the impact on your life, and what you are doing, or have done, to overcome the adversity/challenge.