The Bobette Wilhelm Memorial Scholarship

For Academic Year 2024-2025. The Bobette Wilhelm Memorial Scholarship honors the life and legacy of Bobette (Bobbi) Wilhelm ‘02 (1979 – 2020). Bobbi was an Idaho State University and University Honors Program alumna who believed in the transformative power of education and the importance of improving the world in which we live throughout every stage of life. Her personal experiences with housing and food insecurity taught her to see beyond stereotypes and recognize the inherent value of all people. In Bobbi’s own words, “we often make judgments about people who are in need, and most of the time those judgments are wrong. I want to challenge us all to look beyond a label and see a person.”

Recipients of the Bobette Wilhelm Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) will build on Bobbi’s legacy of service, purpose-driven leadership, and advancing equity across issues that communities face. As Bobbi’s life exemplified, these commitments cannot be actualized solely through academic preparation, but through proximity to people and the issues that call us to action. This scholarship supports students who are preparing themselves, like Bobbi did, to be part of the next generation of public-problem solvers.

The Bobbi Wilhelm Memorial Scholarship is for current full-time, continuing, active status Honors students who demonstrate the motivation and leadership potential to generate solutions to issue (e.g. economic, social, political, education, health, environmental, etc.) facing communities locally, nationally, and/or internationally.

University Honors Program
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a current and continuing Honors student in the ISU University Honors Program?
  2. STATEMENT: Please provide a 1-2 page essay that outlines the following:
    • A description of an issue that you are passionate about (please include any personal, professional, and academic experiences that informed your passion);
    • An explanation of how you are using your academic, extracurricular, and professional experiences (internships/volunteering) to address the issue you are passionate about;
    • A summary of your post-graduate plans and how your career goals relate to the issue you have chosen (please emphasize ways in which you will remain involved in contributing toward solutions to this issue).