Douglas R Pitman Scholarship (DO NOT USE AY 19-20 FORWARD)

For Academic year 2018-2019. The Douglas R Pitman Scholarship is one of many scholarships that are part of the Combined College of Technology Scholarship Application. It is awarded to full-time students who demonstrate financial need (as determined by committee) and a determination to enter and succeed in the Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology (CADD) and Robotics and Communication System Engineering Technology (RCET). FAFSA must be submitted but is not the only determining factor for need. Student must have successfully completed at least one semester of either the CADD or RCET program. Must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. Student may be required to complete other questionnaires that may be required by committee. Priority of awarding is as follows: 1. Financial Need (as determined by committee); 2. a determination to enter and succeed in the industry associated with their program of study. Additional preferences are as follows: 1. a demonstration of strong work ethic in the classroom; 2. a demonstration of academic excellence as gained from an assessment of grades earned toward their degree or certificate.

Douglas R. Pitman
College of Technology