Graduate & Lab Assistantship application for the College of Business

FOR COB FALL 2018 Graduate Applicants ONLY. *Welcome to the Idaho State University GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIP APPLICATION FOR THE COLLEGE OF BUSINESS for FALL 2018! *This application is for both Graduate Assistantships and Lab Assistantships positions and is open to new and continuing full time students in the following programs:
-Master of Business Administration
-Master of Accountancy
-Master of Science in Health Informatics

  • Both Graduate Assistant and Lab Assistant positions are only open to full time students who are fully admitted without performance requirements to one of the College of Business Graduate Programs.
    *Important Details: *
  • Admission to a graduate program must be complete to be considered for an assistantship position. Your program application file will reviewed as part of your assistantship application.
  • Pocatello is the home base for all assistants.
  • Deadline for consideration for Fall semester: April 1st with priority consideration given to applications completed by March 1st.
  • Deadline for consideration for Spring semester: November 1st with priority consideration given to applications completed by October 1st.
  • Full year assistantships are generally offered in the fall and one semester assistantships are generally offered in the spring. Students may reapply for assistantships at the end of their awards.

Thank you for taking time to complete this application. If you have any questions please email or call 208-282-2504.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which assistantship are you applying for: See Help Text for descriptions of each type.
  2. Which Graduate Program have you been admitted to:
  3. Educational Information:
    • Do you have any graduate experience? If YES please list. If NO, enter NO in the box below.
    • Please list any college honors, awards, or special recognition you have received: If NONE, enter NONE in the box below
    • What is your undergraduate degree(s):
    • Where did you earn your undergraduate degree?
  4. Work Experience Information:
    • How many years of full time work experience do you have:
    • How many years of management experience do you have:
    • How many years of Post Bachelor's experience to you have:
    • Please briefly describe the positions you have held. If NONE, indicate NONE.
    • Please list any work experience or non-educational honors, awards, or special recognitions you have received: If NONE, indicate NONE.
  5. Graduate Assistant Preferences: Please rank your preferences for the following GA positions with 1 being the HIGHEST preference and 6 being the lowest: (DO NOT duplicate rankings)
    • Academic Research
    • Bengal Solutions Consulting:
    • Graphics/Web design
    • Recruiting:
    • Teaching in general business classes:
    • Tutoring:
  6. Requirements and Expectations of Graduate and Lab Assistants: Please read the below Requirements and Expectations and check each box signifying that you have read and understand them.
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